NB1047 Nickel Bronze Acoustic Guitar Strings, Light 12-String, 10-47

D'Addario's premium uncoated acoustic string set that provides a crisp and clear sound to accentuate the unique tone of your guitar. NB1356 offer heavier tension resulting in a bolder, more resonant acoustic tone with higher resistance for heavy strumming and flat-picking.


Nickel Bronze strings are the premium uncoated acoustic strings by D'Addario. Featuring an innovative combination of nickel-plated phosphor bronze wrapped onto a high carbon NY steel core, these strings bring out the unique tonal characteristics of any guitar, allowing its natural voice to truly shine. Nickel Bronze delivers unrivaled clarity, resonance and projection, as well as outstanding balance and harmonically rich overtones. Players will also enjoy improved tuning stability and higher break resistance, thanks to D'Addario-engineered NY Steel cores and plain steel strings.

  • Delivers a full tonal spectrum, revealing the unique tonal qualities of your acoustic guitar
  • Increased corrosion resistance for a longer lasting uncoated string
  • Features D'Addario's exclusive high-carbon NY steel for unprecedented strength and tuning stability
  • Environmentally-friendly, corrosion-resistant packaging keeps strings fresh
  • Made in the U.S.A. for the highest quality and performance
  • String Gauges: Plain Steel .013, .017, Nickel Bronze Wound .026, .035, .045, .056 


Item # Note Inches mm lbs kg
U2AGFPL010-NP E 0.0100 0.2540 16.220 7.363
U2AGFPL014-P B 0.0140 0.3556 17.850 8.103
U2AGNPB023-GR G 0.0230 0.5842 27.790 12.616
U2AGFPL008-GR G 0.0080 0.2032 14.680 6.664
U2AGNPB030-K D 0.0300 0.7620 26.590 12.071
U2AGFPL012-K D 0.0120 0.3048 18.540 8.417
U2AGNPB039-R A 0.0390 0.9906 24.540 11.141
U2AGFPL018-R A 0.0180 0.4572 23.410 10.628
U2AGNPB047 E 0.0470 11.938 19.800 8.989
U2AGNPB027 E 0.0270 0.6858 26.800 12.167