The DuraGrip guitar picks are made from D'Addario Duralin (also known as Acetyl or Delrin) is a unique material with an extraordinary combination of strength, stiffness, dimensional stability, fatigue resistance and low friction. Unlike other standard delrin picks, DuraGrip features a unique, stamped checkerboard surface that gives superior grip while playing.

  • Standard shape for comfortable playing
  • Unique stamped grip surface
  • Made from Duralin, a material known for its ideal combination of strength, grip, durability and abrasion resistance
  • Available in all Duralin gauges
  • Available in 10, 25, or 100 packs

Duralin picks are known for their bright clicking sound when hitting strings and are preferred by many soloists for their clear articulation on fast single note passages.




Item # Prodotto
7DRD1-10 DuraGrip, 10pk, Super Light
7DRD1-25 DuraGrip, 25pk, Super Light
7DRD1-100 DuraGrip, 100pk, Super Light
7DOR2-10 DuraGrip, 10pk, Light
7DOR2-25 DuraGrip, 25pk, Light
7DOR2-100 DuraGrip, 100pk, Light
7DYL3-10 DuraGrip, 10pk, Light/Medium
7DYL3-25 DuraGrip, 25pk, Light/Medium
7DYL3-100 DuraGrip, 100pk, Light/Medium
7DGN4-10 DuraGrip, 10pk, Medium
7DGN4-25 DuraGrip, 25pk, Medium
7DGN4-100 DuraGrip, 100pk, Medium
7DBU5-10 DuraGrip, 10pk, Medium/Heavy
7DBU5-25 DuraGrip, 25pk, Medium/Heavy
7DBU5-100 DuraGrip, 100pk, Medium/Heavy by D'Addario
7DPR6-10 DuraGrip, 10pk, Heavy by D'Addario
7DPR6-25 DuraGrip, 25pk, Heavy by D'Addario
7DPR6-100 DuraGrip, 100pk, Heavy by D'Addario
7DBK7-10 DuraGrip, 10pk, Extra Heavy by D'Addario
7DBK7-25 DuraGrip, 25pk, Extra Heavy by D'Addario
7DBK7-100 DuraGrip, 100pk, Extra Heavy by D'Addario